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EightySix, Inc. announces launch of a new dating investment iTunes App.

EightySix, Inc. announced today it is launching “Dating ROI” to Apple iTunes app market.

Dating ROI” is an easy to use app to use on all iPhones. It allows users to manage their dating expenditures. This app will log all dates that they experience with their partners. It keeps vital information, allowing the user to calculate how much they really spend on their dates and gauge what they are really getting in return for the money well spent. What value does the user get for spending all this money on their dates? This app will assist in answering that question. “Dating ROI” will give the user an interface and clearly explain to them which person they are dating is the most valuable and what kind of return they are getting out of dating a certain person.

“EightySix, Inc. is committed to helping individuals in today’s dating arena.” “Dating has become very expensive these days,” says Jon Annarino, EightySix, Inc. President & CEO. “Dating ROI is going to be a priceless tool, allowing our customers to track and determine what kind of return they are getting for all the money spent on their dates.  We have made it easy for users to visualize and evaluate what they are actually spending on their dates.”

Dating ROI App gives the user three important functions. Adding new dates to their tracker, adding expenses/tracking, and ultimately the ROI calculation. Each person that the user adds will be given a dollar amount (ROI #). The least amount of money spent with the most interactions would be considered a valuable ROI number. Today’s young professionals not only track credit card statements, utility bills, banking statements but also have a need to track finances in their dating and social environment. The value of personal dating and social interaction can be potentially huge. Why would you not want to filter and improve on those expenses?
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