So you want to upgrade to iOS 7

So you want to upgrade to iOS7


This is a simple way of doing the update once you already have the download of iOS7.
First you need to have an active developers account for Apple in order to do this.  The cost is $99.99 per year for the account.  There are some websites that offer the download for free, but we do not suggest it, as you do not know what you are getting.
Once you have the download, open the folder and place the file on your desktop.  This will help you easily locate it when you do the upload.
I strongly recommend using iTunes to back up your phone before you do this update.  You can also use iCloud, but it may not always back up everything.  Make sure you have the most current version of iTunes (11.4).
Plug your phone in to the computer and let iTunes start.  Once it has synced and you have the stats screen up, choose restore.  Make sure you hold down the option key on a Mac or on a PC, hold down the shift key and left click.  This will open a window to allow you to choose what version you want to restore to.  Choose where you placed the iOS7 file on your desktop at.  Let iTunes do the rest and you’re all set!!
This is a simple way of doing the update
Please note, that once you do this update, you will be unable to go back to the old version.  There are still bugs with this so user beware.
(Eighty Six Inc, is not responsible for any issues that may happen during the update)

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